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We love watching the game shows people play. This is the original reality TV — average Joes and Janes trying to outwit, outplay and outlast their competitors. So, excluding the bug-eating mutations of the post-Richard Hatch era, here are the top 60 shows that truly got game. From its original Art Fleming-hosted incarnation to the long-running Alex Trebek-emceed version, this quiz show has never insulted its audience’s intelligence. You don’t need to be Ken Jennings to know that one. Family Feud Survey says: It’s a classic, no matter who’s chatting up the warring clans.

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You can have a lifetime of bad hair days with this guy. Bald women…I adore them. Luckily I have developed enough game over the years that every woman I have dated longer than a few weeks has shaved her head.

Jun 30,  · Weirdest marriages: Man who married a corpseA Thai man married his late girlfriend’s CORPSE after she passed away in a car accident! Apparently, the two, who’d been dating for 10 years wanted to get married before the tragic accident happened!

Frizzle and take a trip back to the good ol’ days. Brick Circles of SF Various Locations You’ve likely walked over them hundreds of time without giving them a second thought, but did you ever wonder what those random brick circles are sprinkled throughout the intersections of the City? These tanks remain in use today as a backup water source in case a catastrophic emergency renders our water supply useless.

Keep your eyes peeled for the specially painted fire hydrants placed somewhere nearby each cistern! Spice it up at this joint. The cafe is decorated with troll dolls and dildos- what more could you want when eating your eggs “benedick”? Line up outside and be deemed worthy of entrance by chef and owner Ahmed.

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More Articles January 29, Not every celebrity ends up dating another famous celebrity, and not every Hollywood marriage ends up in divorce. But sometimes, the famous people throw us a curveball with an odd pairing. Recently, actress Laura Dern and former NBA point guard Baron Davis were caught on camera together , making them the latest strange and unlikely — albeit, super cute — celebrity couple. We took a look back at several of the weirdest celebrity relationships in Hollywood history.

Laura Dern and Baron Davis Left:

Being fearful of things is a part of human nature. That’s why we watch Horror Movies, go to Haunted Houses, and tell Ghost Stories in the dark around a camp fire.

It all took place at a brunch birthday party for my friend. After finishing brunch, we were having a few drinks. I sauntered over to a table where a really cute girl named Jessica was talking to her roommate and three of my buddies. I thought Jessica was cute as soon as I walked in. This does not explain why I started talking about a porn I had written in my head with my friend Luke.

Luke and I are not a good combo. We egg each other on, and horrible thoughts that lurk in the depths of our minds somehow make it out for discussion. With Luke at the table, what should have been a done and done sentence about my porn turned into a full-scale discussion. We moved to another bar, and I decided that my porn discussion had not damaged my chances. What transpired next may have done the trick.


By Laura Hannam Last updated: Some of the most insane stunts of all time can be found in these shows — and many of them have gained international cult status. Candy or Not Candy? This show really is as simple as it sounds. As a contestant you are offered candy or something entirely inedible. Using a cooking art form known as ‘sokkuri’ translated to ‘looks like’ contestants will be presented with everyday objects and offered them as food.

Chris Parkham delves into the mysteries of Germany’s exploding toads and strange foaming seas off the coast of Australia. Flocks of birds fall from the sky, holes in the ground open up and swallow buildings, and sea foam makes the coast resemble a bubble bath. Release Year: This season features.

Weird, unusual, and just plain silly phobias plague hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Some are understandable… Coulrophobia: Easily the most ridiculous thing on this list is being afraid of a flute. A wind instrument played by marching band members, the irony here would be if the Football Team Captain suffered from this and ran off the field whenever the band played.

The fear of books would be the perfect excuse for anyone that wanted to get out of doing homework at school. The downside would be that everyone would call you a weenie for being scared of books.

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July 29, The outlandish things we do for love have no limits; just ask these guys. Love makes us do some pretty crazy things. And sometimes, we feel the need to prove it to the entire world.

Kandi confronts Tiny, LaTocha and Tamika about the favoritism within Xscape, and the women agree to step up their communication to prepare for the upcoming tour.

History[ edit ] The group was created in early October by college student Will Dowd and author Sean Walsh [3] with the purpose of supporting the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. The community was either critical or divided on the endorsement. Members created posts as commentary for Sanders and his presidential campaign.

Many posts edited the politician into popular culture , such as rap album covers, or into Internet memes such as Pepe the Frog. Memes included image macros. While predominantly based on Facebook, content from the group was also shared on Reddit , Tumblr , and Twitter. Memes that were sexist , racist , or ad hominem attacks against Clinton were not approved.

The group popularized the hugely popular meme ” Bernie or Hillary?

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Someone is doing this for virtual reality now, and while that already may not sound great, I promise that it is worse than it sounds. The show itself is not shot in virtual reality. As you may have guessed from the title, each episode sets up a blind date between two strangers who are wearing HTC Vive headsets, then

Brunch: It’s not breakfast or lunch, and when you’re hung over it tends to take place well after both of them. Brunch is a time to lazily sip on mimosas and hungrily chomp on breakfast fare (or burgers).

An upbeat song gets you going, a sad song makes you cry and drink. But the more science studies music’s effect on the human brain, the more bizarre things we discover. It’s designed specifically to reduce the amount of time you think you’re waiting , so that you’re less likely to hang up in anger. Other places that involve waiting, such as doctors’ offices, use a similar trick. Time shrinkage is also the aim of most retail stores, which is why you’ll rarely enter a mall, supermarket or clothing store without hearing some sort of music in the background.

Our coke dealer always has Iggy Pop on at his apartment. Continue Reading Below Advertisement How the hell does music do that? To understand why exactly music makes it seem like less time has passed, think of the human brain as a mountain lion that is eating a bag of money. It doesn’t matter what the zookeepers distract it with — food, shiny objects or just shouting and yelling.

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