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A little bit of every-darm-thing. I narrowly avoided lynching one old woman in Abuja who had the effrontery to tell me I don’t know anything about my roots I promised myself that I would never argue about this topic with anyone else, but I could not resist my brothers recent post on the issue, I have taken the liberty to publish it here It appears our Igbo friends and in-laws are doing everything in their capacity to acquire Ikwerre citizenship. After all, what else are they looking to gain in constantly raising an issue that begs for disagreement when the underlying issues are completely examined end-to-end? Only those who flunked arithmetic would proceed to argue the contrary. Another fact to consider is, when was the last time anyone saw titled Professors from Western or Northern Nigeria or even elsewhere around the world, listing the ethnicities of their surrounding neighbors as evidence of their scholastic aptitude? Who was the very first person ever named Miss Nigeria, and why did she not become a Nigerian, post independence?

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This is the stunning model whose endlessly long legs have earned her a legion of fans. Lauren Williams, from Houston, Texas, has the longest-known legs in the US, with her eye-catching limbs.

Hygge works really well in Denmark, but what works well in France is the value placed around meal times Meik Wiking But then the Dane knows a thing or two about staying chipper. As the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen he is one of the leading experts in global happiness , committed to understanding well-being and quality of life. Last year his book, The Little Book of Hygge — which looked at the reasons why Denmark is the happiest nation in the world — became an international bestseller, translated into 32 languages.

Meik Wiking knows a thing or two about happiness A year on from Brits skittering to buy cosy throws, candles and pastries, Meik has another Danish word for us, Lykke. And this time the scope is global. The Danish word for happiness, Lykke, takes the focus away from Scandinavia to explore how other countries are leading the way in cultivating happiness.

It was inspired by the letters and emails from people around the world, telling him their happiness stories. Danes see Hygge the way Americans see freedom. Now it can be a Hyggely afternoon. The world’s 20 happiest countries for Meik is particularly interested in how the way we design cities impacts our behaviour and happiness. Lykke, he hopes, will give us a spectrum of tips and ideas from around the world. Five years ago Meik was languishing around a seven on the happiness scale, working for another think tank in Copenhagen.

At the same time, he had noticed a global growth in happiness research.

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Additional Information Abstract This article examines the ways in which literary representations of the sacred feminine have shifted and evolved in anglophone Nigerian-Igbo literature. Beginning with an examination of the precolonial tradition of Mami Wata, or mother water, goddess worship among Igbo communities, this article traces the ways in which colonial imposition both fossilized previously flexible standards of gendered discourse and promoted largely Judeo-Christian norms for gendered behavior as part of a total political, economic, and social process of domination, which resulted in an effacement of the sacred feminine from literary representation.

This effacement, however, has been redressed in recent years through a shift in engagement that has allowed the anglophone Nigerian-Igbo writer to return to the feminine as a means of voicing an alternative tradition, turning away from the colonialist problematic of earlier works.

Traditional Igbo Wedding by Alakija Studios – Aisle Perfect. Find this Pin and more on Igbo Traditional Wedding by Honeydrop Artistry. Nigerian wedding is a must-to-attend. Rich traditional attires & heritage are displayed during the celebrations.

There are also the wives and girlfriends also known as WAGs. They share their lives with the most famous and talented soccer players around while also maintaining pretty fascinating lives of their own. They even hold celebrity status, thanks in part to their soccer star partners. Whether you call it soccer or football, read on to find out which wives and girlfriends of your favorite soccer players will be showing up to the FIFA World Cup being held in Russia.

At the time, Georgina was working at a Gucci store in the Spanish capital of Madrid. He is widely believed to be the best player in the world and some regard him as the best player of all time. He will be playing on the Portugal national team at the World Cup. Pique plays as center-back for Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Together the couple has two children.

The two both grew up in the city of Rosario, Argentina and started a romantic relationship back in The couple returned to their hometown to marry in

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The Igbo dominated version of the genre grew out of earlier “Igbo blues ” or ” palm wine music ” and further spread in popularity to the Southern Cameroons where Enugu had considerable influence in arts and culture in towns such as Limbe , Tiko and Douala. Media and literature[ edit ] See also: Held at Hotel Presidential, the festival’s intent was to highlight Enugu as a “film making hub” in Africa including movie premiers and prizes for different film categories. His home in Hilltop contained many of his unpublished writings which were mostly destroyed by bombing early in the war.

The stadium remained the centre of sports for the whole of the Eastern Region until the Nigerian Civil War broke out.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, commonly referred to as Nigeria (/ n aɪ ˈ dʒ ɪər i ə / ()), is a federal republic in West Africa, bordering Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the southeast, and Benin in the west. Its coast in the south is located on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic federation comprises 36 states and 1 Federal Capital Territory, where the.

Tuesday 1 September Eric Richmond When the Chineke! Orchestra steps on to the Queen Elizabeth Hall platform on 13 September, the audience should notice something unusual. One of those uncomfortable truths about classical music is that most symphony orchestras in Europe still consist mostly of white and white-Asian people. Chineke, the brainchild of the double-bassist Chi-chi Nwanoku, is Europe’s first professional orchestra made up entirely of black and minority ethnic musicians.

The idea is to bring together and showcase the wealth of talent among these under-represented performers.

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Ethnic division[ edit ] The civil war can be connected to the British colonial amalgamation in of Northern and Southern Nigeria. Intended for better administration due to the close proximity of these protectorates, the change did not account for the great difference in the cultures and religions of the peoples in each area. After the amalgamation, oil was discovered in Eastern Nigeria now southern South Nigeria.

Competition for its associated wealth led to the struggle for control amongst the regions. As southern Nigeria was not as united as the north, it was disadvantaged in the power struggle. Yakubu Gowon emerged as the head of state.

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But the Hausa and Fulanis- two distinct groups united by Islam, inter-marriage and history- remain mysterious to many Nigerians abroad due to their relative invisibility. Below are some reasons why I think this is so. These are wild generalisations. They are often, in very Islamic states, not as exposed to Western influences as other groups which means that emigration to the UK or the US is not the ‘great ideal’ they’ve dreamed about as a result of consuming Hollywood movies or music, as it is to others.

Because of their Muslim religion, Islamic countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia are also more attractive. Laid-Back Of course they enjoy the finer things in life, but both Hausa Christians and Muslims don’t often go to the great lengths others do to secure a visa to the West. The rigmarole of waiting in line under the hot sun for the whole day outside the US Embassy, the thousands of Naira necessary to secure your tickets out and the paperwork and often dodgy means of acquiring visitor status to enter these countries is not something they pursue.

It could be said they lack drive and ambition, which is untrue. A Hausa man’s home is his castle and he’s able to be content with the little he has as long as he provides for his family. Less Education Northerners are also less educated than their Southern counterparts. Knowing No One Abroad Another limiting factor to Northerners going abroad may be the fact that they don’t know many of their kinsmen living in other countries.

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Ifreke Inyang Dear Friend, Greetings. I hear you have found a lovely woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Before you go ahead, however, please permit me to say a few things concerning marrying an Igbo woman. I know unsolicited advice is as unwanted as armpit boils, but do spare me a second or two; this is important.

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To reserve a place, please contact Aberdeen City Libraries on or email LibraryEvents aberdeencity. Aberdeen City experienced approximately 30 attacks that killed people and rendered close to buildings uninhabitable. The coastal towns of Fraserburgh and Peterhead also suffered repeated and considerable attention from the Luftwaffe. In this talk, Barry Robertson from the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives will use archival material, including incident registers and school log books, to tell the full story of the region’s wartime air raids — culminating in the North East’s most deadly night of terror and Scotland’s final air raid on 21st April For the full line up of events taking place across the city, pick up a brochure from your local library or visit Aberdeen Performing Arts – Granite Noir.

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Share this article Share The letter, signed by around university students, read: Students at the university study a range of ‘period papers’ ranging from to the present day – including the works of Shakespeare. The student said ‘middle class’ gap year travellers are doing nothing meaningful to help the continent by visiting. In Varsity, the Cambridge University student newspaper, she wrote:

The Kingdom of Ife. This crowned head of a ruler is a remarkable piece of brass-casting which reflects important aspects of the landmark culture developed in Ife, on the lower Niger River, dating.

This number includes living languages, 2 second languages without native speakers and 9 extinct languages. The official language of Nigeria, English, was chosen to facilitate the cultural and linguistic unity of the country post-colonization by the British. The major native languages spoken in Nigeria represent three major families of African languages – the majority are Niger-Congo languages, such as Yoruba, Ibo, the Hausa language is Afro-Asiatic; and Kanuri, spoken in the northeast, primarily Borno State, is a member of the Nilo-Saharan family.

Even though most ethnic groups prefer to communicate in their own languages, English, being the official language, is widely used for education, business transactions and for official purposes. English as a first language, however, remains an exclusive preserve of a small minority of the country’s urban elite, and is not spoken at all in some rural areas. The constitution guarantees religious freedom. Christians predominantly live in the south of the country, whereas Muslims live predominantly in the north.

Native religions in which people believe in deities, spirits and ancestor worship, are spread throughout the country. Many Muslims and Christians may also intertwine their beliefs with more unorthodox indigenous ones. The major Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter are recognized as national holidays. Muslims observe Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, and the two Eids.

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That means her legs are even longer that those of New York model Brooke Banner, who in claimed to have the longest limbs. Miss Williams has built a social media fanbase thanks to her legs Image:

An Igbo man and an Igbo woman are representatives of the same culture. So there will always be similarities between them. So there will always be similarities between them. But when an Igbo man wants to experience something different, he might try to date a Yoruba woman.

It is alleged that European slave traders were fairly well informed about various African ethnicities, leading to slavers’ targeting certain ethnic groups which plantation owners preferred. Particular desired ethnic groups consequently became fairly concentrated in certain parts of the Americas. Elements of Igbo culture can still be found in these places.

For example, in Jamaican Patois , the Igbo word unu, meaning “you” plural, is still used. This term had originated from the reported prevalence of these skin tones among the Igbo but eastern Nigerian influences may not be strictly Igbo. Colonial Nigeria The 19th-century British colonization effort in present-day Nigeria and increased encounters between the Igbo and other ethnicities near the Niger River led to a deepening sense of a distinct Igbo ethnic identity.

The Igbo proved decisive and enthusiastic in their embrace of Christianity and Western education. British rule brought about changes in culture, such as the introduction of Warrant Chiefs as Eze indigenous rulers where there were no such monarchies. The tradition of building houses out of mud walls and thatched roofs ended as the people shifted to materials such as cement blocks for houses and zinc roofs. Roads for vehicles were built.

Buildings such as hospitals and schools were erected in many parts of Igboland.

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Nok sculpture, terracotta The Nok civilisation of Northern Nigeria flourished between BC and AD , producing life-sized terracotta figures that are some of the earliest known sculptures in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Kingdom of Nri of the Igbo people consolidated in the 10th century and continued until it lost its sovereignty to the British in Nri and Aguleri , where the Igbo creation myth originates, are in the territory of the Umeuri clan.

Members of the clan trace their lineages back to the patriarchal king-figure Eri.

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These are the earliest known sculptures on the continent, next to those of Ancient Egypt. Later around AD, the Igbo-Ukwo was making finely and intricately worked, bronze ceremonial objects. Against this background of creativity and craftsmanship, the Yoruba kingdoms of Benin and Ife sprang up between the 11th and 12th centuries. Oduduwa became the first ruler, or Ooni, of Ife. We know little of how these early Ooni exercised power or how their territory was administered, or precisely when the kingship started.

We know that the landscape out of which Ife and Benin emerged consisted of a mixture of tropical forests and savannah land, affording very fertile soil and a high rainfall. This released labour, which could then be channelled into creating great works of art centred largely on celebrating kingship. We can still see today an astounding range of objects made of bronze, brass, copper, wood, ceramic and ivory.

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