Jack White & ICP Cover a Mozart Song about Licking Butts

Come on, who hasn’t pulled that one on their girlfriend? They turned the car around and picked up Bono and his assistant, who had been caught in the rain on a walk in Vancouver, British Columbia. How does a rock superstar get lost in the rain? Sometimes that’s the problem when there’s no line on the horizon. Like kids, sometimes musicians say the darndest things, and this week was rich with quotable moments. First, electronica artist Moby told Spinner. It’s advertising for ringtones. I absolutely do not,” responded Gaga when asked if she thought her new album Born This Way was worth more than the 99 cents Amazon. Hey Lady G, we’re happy to take some off your hands. With Gaga selling a whopping 1.

Juggalo Championshxt Wrestling Volume 1 (Video )

Part 1 Acts 1 through 4 The End of the World The Sburb logotype On his 13th birthday, John Egbert receives the latest computer game, a beta version of an immersive simulation game called Sburb. Working with his friend Rose Lalonde , they discover that the game allows the players to manipulate their reality. A startling revelation comes, though – an apocalyptic meteor shower is beginning to destroy the world before their very eyes.

Just because you wear clown makeup, base your entire life around rappers Insane Clown Posse, and were once considered thugs by those who mistook your face paint for gang affiliation, doesn’t mean you don’t want to find a Juggalo or Juggalette to call your own.

Glossary of professional wrestling terms — Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable nomenclature throughout its existence. Much of it stems from the origins in the days of carnivals and circuses. In the past, professional wrestlers used such terms in the presence of fans so as not to reveal the nature of the business. In recent years, widespread discussion on the Internet has popularized these terms, many of the terms refer to the financial aspects of professional wrestling in addition to performance-related terms.

A-show A wrestling event where a companys biggest draws wrestle, a-team A group of a wrestling promotions top stars who compete at an A-show. Abort To discontinue a feud, angle, or gimmick suddenly, usually without explanation or due to a lack of fan interest, ace A term typically only used in Japanese puroresu for a wrestler designated as the face of the promotion.

Agent A management employee, often a former wrestler, who helps set up matches, plans storylines. Often acts as a liaison between wrestlers and higher-level management, referred to as producers by WWE and sometimes by other companies. Sometimes they help train and teach younger active wrestlers and give criticism, Alliance A cooperative relationship developed between two or more wrestlers, whether wrestling as a tag team or in individual matches. Alliances are often formed for the purpose of retaining titles between the members of the alliance, or to counter a specific foe or group of foes.


These are the alternate spellings of the performer’s name we’ve had to correct in submissions to amIright. Insanse Clown Posse Republican Party Why did the Insane Clown Posse get annoyed? Because none of the kids wanted them at their parties. After pressure from rival gangs everyone dropped out and it was left to Violent J, Shaggy, and John.

They decided they were going to become real serious rappers, full time.

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Email Showtime was, to put it lightly, a weird year, so there are a lot of runners-up for the strangest cultural moments it produced. In no particular order: The day white supremacists and Insane Clown Posse fans both marched on Washington , prompting widespread calls on social media for a Juggalo vs. The trend toward ads cheerfully acknowledging that millennials should expect miserable working conditions and unsatisfying lives, and buy stuff to compensate.

Yes, all of these were strange indeed, and in another year they might have made the list. But was pretty competitive in the bizarro department, thanks to all the entertainers — amateur, professional and unintentional — working overtime to surprise and baffle us with their work. From David Lynch somehow making Twin Peaks weirder to songs about the callipygian delights of the Babadook, here are the cultural moments that left our jaws hanging open in delight or confusion or both.

Dougie Jones in Twin Peaks: The Return with a tie on his head. For hours on end. On a heavily hyped prestige series fans waited 25 years to see. This is some epic-level trolling. Imagine if Rian Johnson had subjected Star Wars fans to 14 straight hours of green-milk-smeared creepy-grinning weird hermit Luke. Things build up to a musical crescendo and you get ready for the bass to drop.

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After their more mainstream counterparts in the Alt Light, the sphere of Trumpist conservatives that overlap with the Alt Right, betrayed them, the Alt Right wanted a chance to stand on their own. The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th was their chance to bring together everyone to the right of the Alt Light. This was finally an event to see how well white nationalists could fair on their own without the allyship of more mainstream conservatives.

Though the Alt Right used the issue of Confederate statue removal as the impetus, the rally was instead a show of strength.

Consisting primarily of two people, Violent J (Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph Utsler), Insane Clown Posse are a Hip Hop group from Detroit, and the cofounders of the independent record label, Psychopathic Records. Their music is generally placed in the “Horrorcore” category, and is.

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In his short career he has held over thirteen titles. He grew up amongst many cousins and uncles and aunts. September 12th he was in a car accident with his Mother and Father. The accident killed his Mother and left him near dead. Within a few weeks he was able to recover and at the age of 4 not having a Mother was very hard for the young boy.

The news shook the juggalo community to its core. While some fans claimed they’d actually had an inkling, having deciphered some of the hidden messages in several songs, others said they felt.

According to the commentary, the crew selected it from the costume department without realizing that it was a reference and only learned about it after the episode was filmed. The title is a reference to Million Dollar Baby. The end of the episode also parodies the “stool” scene. The episode also provides references to the Rocky series, particularly the “running up the steps” scene. The film Invincible is frequently mentioned, to the point that the episode could be considered an Affectionate Parody.

Everybody seems to call the film, “That New Kids on the Block Movie,” apparently mistaking Mark Wahlberg for his brother, who was in the music group. Geoffrey Owens plays himself masquerading as football player Donovan McNabb. The gang recognizes him from his recurring role on The Cosby Show , and the coach makes it a point to insist he’s ” not the guy from The Cosby Show.

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Juggalos and Juggalettes enjoy their own unique culture. The male and female term refers to those fans of the music group Insane Clown Posse, or other music groups sponsored by the record label Psychopathic Records. Juggalos and Juggalettes have develeped their very own characteristics, idioms, and slang. Once Juggalo Gathering tickets go on sale they sell out fast.

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Anabelle Lotus shows a misunderstanding of baby magnets A typical Juggalette bride and her bitchez No one is safe from this debauchery. It is true, though hard to believe, that there is a female version of Juggalo known as a Jugalette Juggala syphila. Their appearance is remarkably similar to that of the males, which is why many don’t believe Juggalettes actually exist. Identifying a Juggalette from a Juggalo is like determining a penguin’s gender; the only way to find out is to administer a blood test or a genitalia examination, both of which represent a significant bio-hazard to nearby countries.

The precise mental gymnastics that allow Juggalettes to reconcile both the instruction to hate “haters” and being the obvious object of hate in all Insane Clown Posse songs are unknown. The largest form of Juggalo, Jugalettes are invariably morbidly obese, and as breeding programs have shown, this problem in addition to their cheap drug addictions means that they are unable to successfully produce live offspring.

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This group and its works are related to the following tropes: Violent J has always been “the fat one” but he’s pretty mobile on stage and is pretty quick on his feet whenever he’s in a wrestling ring. As of , the “fat” part is less prominent than it used to be since he’s actually lost quite a bit of weight. Michigan in general Detroit area in particular has more bowling centers per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Apr 22,  · my younger cousin was a juggalo about 10 years ago (might still be, don’t know, never talk to the guy). i’m from the midwest, and a lot of people 2 classes below me in high school would sometimes show up to school in clown paint.

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